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A collective formed through Torrance Art Museum FORUM program, Museum Adjacent is a group of like minded artists working tangential to, but outside of traditional art world institutions.

Featuring artists from all disciplines, Museum Adjacent is focused on forging their own path in an industry that marginalizes the unrepresented, or under-represented artist. The qualifications for coming together were simple; quality of work and ambition to share it.

Museum Adjacent presents their first group show at the gallery at Finishing Concepts. Each member will present work representative of their practice, highlighting both their collaborative efforts and distinct practices. This exhibition will serve as a preview show for their year-long project, a group exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum opening December 7th, 2019.



noun: forum; plural noun: forums; plural noun: fora
1. a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.


This year, FORUM, grows, expanding to a 10-month mentorship residency program designed for those that wish to build a career in the contemporary visual arts but lack a prolonged experience with professional art world activities. This empowering program is designed as a practical guide to navigating the art world via Q&A sessions with successful professionals (artists, curators, critics and gallerists), culminating with an exhibition, in Gallery Two of the Torrance Art Museum, with the program’s participants. The artists will show their work, the curators will select which works, the writers will write essays for the catalog and gallerists will run the opening and PR for it.

I’m proud to be participating as a curator and artist in this Torrance Art Museum’s FORUM 2019. Stay tuned!